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PC Drafter is software that you install on your PC to take the guesswork out of your fantasy football draft. During a draft, it needs no Internet connection, but before the draft, with optional registration and Internet access, it can automatically download the latest player projections directly to its powerful optimization engine. PC Drafter does a zillion calculations and sees patterns not humanly possible to find in 2 seconds. Your savvy fantasy football mind plus PC Drafter equals an unbeatable draft. PC Drafter features automatic player updates from the accuracy award champions at 4for4.com.


(all forecast data updates after June 1, 2016 for subscribers only)

Player File Updated: by June 1st, 2016-- Stay tuned!

Yahoo League Import - New for PC Drafter 2012!

We now offer a direct import tool for our users with leagues in Yahoo! Fantasy Football. Simply log into your Yahoo! league from our web page, confirm your league name, and we automatically create a PC Drater-compatible league file, with all your team names, and most importantly, a systematic translation of all your league scoring rules. This makes your draft at least 50% easier! Visit our PC Drafter Yahoo! Import Tool for additional details. This is a free service we have built: free to our trial and registered users.

Auction Leagues - Now in its own version for PC Drafter 2012!

PC Drafter recognizes the vast difference between draft leagues and auctions. So now, we have two versions of PC Drafter. You get both with your one paid registration! The PC Drafter Auction release is available for download here.

PC Drafter GOLD

Bar none, this is the one method to use for serpentine and cyclical drafting. We believe it’s the best drafting formula available on the market today. And we should know; we’ve seen virtually every one created.

GOLD builds on Value Based Drafting principles. These ideas have been in the public domain for years. However, GOLD goes far beyond as it tightens up the process and dynamically delivers more robust player recommendations. This results in you drafting a vastly improved team.

The real power of PC Drafter comes from combining our GOLD Algorithm with the world's most accurate fantasy football experts, 4for4.com. All of our player forecast data comes from the 4for4 team, where John Paulsen & Josh Moore finished 1st & 2nd among the top 70 experts in weekly 2010-11 accuracy and took home 1st & 2nd in the FSTA's 2011 preseason rankings study. We publish 4for4.com's latest forecast data in our player file, updated regularly right up to NFL kickoff.

In a nutshell, the higher the player’s GOLD score, the more valuable the player is to the team currently drafting. Better Algorithm + Better Data = Better Draft for you.

How’s it work?

Before your draft, GOLD computes a static benchmark for each position. Players will either be better or worse than their static benchmark. A player’s value is also a function of how that player compares to the best players currently available at his position. This is captured via a dynamic benchmark. As the draft progresses, each team will have varying needs to fill depending upon whom that team has already drafted. By position, GOLD determines Team Need each step of the way. Very cool.

As the draft plays out, the league as a whole will have more or less need for players at various positions. If your league is “on the prowl” for RBs or QBs, GOLD will know it via ongoing League Need analysis.

Most leagues follow a typical drafting pattern and mirror Average Draft Position (ADP) data. However, if you believe your league is highly unique and does not follow a typical draft, then you’ll tell PC Drafter this and GOLD will take advantage.

Just like you would without it, GOLD focuses on the best players currently available. While you’re drafting, always focus on the top 10 to 15 players recommended by GOLD as its valuations spotlight the top picks. Other drafting methods simply present a static player ranking, and they put as much attention on the bottom picks as the top. This points out yet another advantage of going with GOLD.

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I'd like to see it in action.

Absolutely, how does a free copy sound? Buckle up and get ready to dominate your draft like never before. Installation takes less than three minutes

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Why are you guys doing this?

Just like you, we're highly passionate fantasy football fans. We love draft day! As computer scientists and professional software developers, over the years we've crafted and perfected highly effective algorithms and routinely integrate them into easy to use yet powerful decision support systems. We deliver custom web-enabled database applications and business software solutions.

Combining our software with 4for4.com Fantasy Football's widely recognized best in class NFL player forecasts delivers something we're sure you're going to like.

Frankly, the best way to show you is to offer PC Drafter for free with live forecast data. If you like what you see, Registration will open June 1st for $14.95. You'll get all the latest player updates and more taking you right up to your draft. All forecast data updates after June 1, 2016 are for subscribers only.